CAE Listening sample test: Part 3 Animal cognition in sharks

Gap-fill exercise

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Sharks and humans

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Sharks attacks are often viewed as 1. from the predators' habitual behaviour.

Erich Ritter rejects the common assumption that sharks take swimmers for 2. and turtles.

The phrase 'attack from behind' is pure 3. mythology-the shark always knows its target.

Dr. Ritters experiment involved making scuba divers 4. at a site in the Bahamas - either alone or in pairs.

Having recorded the experiment, the scientists had at their disposal 312 5. between humans and sharks.

In 211 cases when there was a single diver the shark passed behind him 6. of the time, but when the divers were two the sharks showed no preference about what they did.

The experiment does not prove that all 7. sharks who rarely attck humans will behave in this way.

But it shows that sharks know how to attack from behind when they want to be 8. .