Legal English course for ILEC

What does the ILEC course cover?

The ILEC course is tailored to the format of the ILEC exam. The syllabus is focused on achievement performance and aims to enhance the linguistic competencies of law students and lawyers.

We review the following areas:

• Corporate Law

• Business associations

• Contract Law

• Sale of goods

• Real property

• Debtor-creditor

• Intellectual property

• Employment

• Competition

• Environmental Law

• Negotiable instruments

• Secured transactions

• International Law

Which textbook is used?

The Synopsis follows the content of 'International Legal English' by Amy Krois-Lindner and TransLegal - the most in-depth and systematic textbook for the ILEC exam.

Legal English self-study textbook

How to register for the ILEC exam?

The registration dates, steps, forms, terms and conditions are here.

What does the ILEC test measure?

ILEC ascertains linguistic competencies in a legal context for levels B2 - C1. The International Legal English test consists of:





ILEC practice tests and Legal resources

Reading and Use of English: ILEC sample test

ILEC Exam material: ILEC Speaking

ILEC Exam material: ILEC Writing

The ILEC tests answers are in the online exercises. The pdf versions do not provide the answers.

• ILEC certificate sample test on business organizations and Sl. Miloshevich Part 1, pdf

• ILEC certificate sample test: Part 2 pdf

• ILEC certificate sample test: Part 3 pdf

• ILEC certificate sample test: Part 4 pdf

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