Essay writing: the environment

Gap-filling exercise on environmental degradation.

Fill in all the gaps. At the matriculation exam you have to write a composition in standard English of about 160-170 words. This composition is 413 words long and aims to outline the structure of a problem-solution essay, as well as to activate topical vocabulary.

Mind that in case of plagiarism, identical texts or if your composition is under 80 words or totally irrelevant to the chosen topic it will get 0 points.
“Environmental degradation is a major world problem. What causes this problem, and what can we do to Матура по английски

prevent it?”

There is no doubt that the environment is in trouble. Factories burn (1) which produce
(2) , and this kills trees. At the same time, (3) gases rise into the air and contribute
to (4) which threatens to melt the polar ice cap. Meanwhile farmers clear huge areas of
(5) in places such as the Amazon to produce feeding land for cattle or produce wood for
building. Rivers and oceans are so heavily (6) by industrial waste that it is no longer safe to go
swimming. Cars pump out poisonous (7) which we all have to breathe in. (8)
and overfishing are killing off millions of animals, including whales, elephants, and other (9) species
In fact, all around us, all living things large and small which comprise our finely balanced (10)
are being (11) destroyed by human greed and thoughtlessness.

There is a lot we can all do, however, to help prevent this. The easiest thing, of course, is to
(12) waste material such as paper and glass so that we can use it again. We should also check
that the things we buy from supermarkets are packaged in (13) packaging which decomposes easily.
At the same time, we should make a (14) effort to avoid foods which are (15) genetically
(at least until someone proves that they are safe both for us and for the environment). If you are truly committed to
protecting the environment, of course, you should only buy (16) fruit and vegetables, safe in the knowledge
that they have been naturally (17) . Finally, of course, we should buy a small car that uses
(18) gas which is less harmful to the environment or, even better, make more use of public

The serious (19) , however, do much more. They are aware of the global issues involved and
will actively involve themselves in (20) programs by making sure our forests are kept safe for future
generations. They will oppose activities which are harmful to animals, such as (21) farming. And they
will campaign to keep the (22) green around our towns and cities free from new building.

We cannot all be as committed as them, but we can at least do our own little bit at (23) roots level. We, as
humans, have inherited the earth, but that doesn't mean we can do (24) we like with it.