FCE tests and resources. Grammar.

The FCE tests are tailored to improve your performance at the Cambridge FCE exam. The tests cover the grammar categories for level Upper-Intermediate (B2) and are meant to give you confidence in the four core skills - Use of English, Reading, Listening, Writing. All tests, quizzes, and samples for FCE are with online answers.


The test checks your understanding of the use of the definite, indefinite, and zero article. You need to distinguish generic reference from specific reference, countable from uncountable nouns, singular from plural.


How to use 'some', 'any', 'no', 'none', 'neither', 'either'.

Adjectives and adverbs

Adjectives modify nouns. Adverbs usually modify verbs. Some words are both adjectives and adverbs. Word order of adjectives and adverbs. You feel good or you feel well?

Relative pronouns

How to use 'who', 'whom', 'whose'. When to skip a relative pronoun? A little knowledge of subjects, verbs, direct objects, indirect objects, subject complements, adverbial modifiers brings a lot of power.


Conditional sentences introduced by 'if', 'provided', 'suppose', 'but for'. Inversion with conditional sentences. The use of 'should' for tentativeness and likelihood. Mixed conditionals. Beware of 3 p.sg. under exam circumstances. I wish, I wish.

FCE Sample test: Use of English

• St. Patrick's Day, Use of English Part 1

• Pocahontas, Use of English Part 2

• The Thracians, Use of English Part 3

• Sentence paraphrases, U of E Part 4

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