ILEC certificate sample test: Part 1

Limited liability companies

Read the text and choose the correct answer, A, B, C or D. For example: (0) A liable B responsible C entitled D susceptible

Limited liability companies

Although the company is always fully (0) liable for its debts, the members of such companies have limited liability for the company’s debts and (1) ..... . There are two forms of limited liability company: the company limited by guarantee, and the one limited by shares.

The members are required to contribute to the company’s assets on liquidation the amount guaranteed when they became members. The form is used for (2) ..... , educational or other worthwhile purposes: for example, the Association Against Cruel Sports, the U.K. Ski Federation and London Guildhall University. They can drop the word ‘limited’ from their name, although their exact (3) ..... must be disclosed on letterheads and other documents.

The liability of the members is limited ‘to the amount (if any), unpaid on the shares respectively held by them’. This is the most usual structure of all trading companies and is the only company that can exist as a private or a (4) ..... company. The others can only exist as private companies.

A public company is one where the (5) ..... of Association states that it is a public company, while a private company is defined as a company that is not a public company. Public companies are more closely (6) ....., since there is a greater need to protect the general public.



From on or about 1 August 1991 until June 1992, Slobodan MILOSEVIC, acting alone or in (0) ...... with other known and unknown members of a joint criminal enterprise, planned, (7) ...... , ordered, committed, or aided and abetted the preparation, planning or execution of the persecutions of the Croat and other non-Serb (8) ...... population in the territories of the SAO SBWS, Western Slavonia, Krajina, the Dubrovnik Republic...
These persecutions were based on political, racial or religious (9) ...... and included the following:

a. The (10) ...... or murder of hundreds of Croat and other non-Serb civilians, women and elderly persons, in Dalj, Klisa, Lovas, Vukovar, Vocin, Saborsko and neighbouring villages, Skabrnja, Nadin, and Dubrovnik and its environs, as described in detail in paragraphs 48 to 69 and 73 to 75.
b. The prolonged and routine imprisonment and confinement of thousands of Croat and other non-Serb civilians in (11) ...... facilities within and outside of Croatia, including prison camps located in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, and Serbia, as described in detail in paragraph 74.
c. The establishment and (12) ...... of inhumane living conditions for Croat and other non-Serb civilian detainees within the mentioned facilities.