Cloze test: Arya

Read the text on Arya and choose A, B, C or D.

When she heard the hissing voice of the stableboy and saw the sarcastic smirk (1) ____________ his face, Arya panicked. She knew that he was there for her. Everything the dance master Syrio (2) ____________ taught her disappeared in a heartbeat. It was the very first lesson which Jon Snow had taught her that came to (3) ____________. She felt the soothing power of Needle in her hand and (4) ____________ at the stableboy with the sharp end, driving the blade upward with a savage, hysterical strength. He swayed and collapsed. Arya stood in horror over the body, dizzy in the face of death. Blood had (5) ____________ from the boy’s mouth as he tumbled down, and more was pouring from his belly. She backed away from the crimson puddles, Needle burning in her hand. The horses were (6) ____________ good as the gates would be closed. Arya had to get (7) ____________ immediately, somewhere far from here and at that moment she took the desperate decision to cross the yard, in the plain view of the guards on the castle walls.

Calm as still water, quiet as a shadow, a reassuring voice (8) ____________ in her ear. Arya looked around, but there was no one in the stable (9) ____________ her. She stepped out of it and even though she felt like running and hiding, she made herself (10) ____________ across the yard, very slowly, as if she had all the time in the world. She could feel their eyes on her, like bugs creeping on her skin, the chilly finger of horror running up and down her spine, but she never lifted her head. If she saw them watching, all her courage would evaporate and then they would catch her. She (11) ____________ made a few wide strides, keeping her gaze on the ground and then sped up. (12) ____________ the time she reached the long shadow of the royal gates on the other side of the yard, Arya's palms were cold with sweat. Not a single guard had paid any attention to the loafing 15- (13) ____________-old boy. In (14) ____________ than a few minutes she reached the dungeon. She heard the faint (15) ____________ of rats and glimpsed a pair of tiny glowing eyes in the gloomy hall.